Brokerage and Purchasing Services.

Time is money.

In listening to our customers over the decades there is one challenge they consistently face. In their desire to increase corporate profits be it for their employer or within their own companies through cost reductions in the purchasing of items; a considerable amount of time was spent on contacting vendors, subsequent meetings and negotiating. This does not fit the bill for everyone.

Make it simple.

A year ago it hit us. Make it as simple as possible; and we did. With great success for both us and more importantly, you the customer.

All or one.

One bearing one time. All your requirements for a year. Either or. We are not greedy. We have customers who come to us for specific items once or twice a year while they continue to buy the majority of their bearing items elsewhere on contract. We also have customers that simply send through all their requirements with or without "goal" pricing and we fill those orders. From Alberta to every continent on the Globe.

Simply tell us.

You tell us what you want, when you want and where you want it. Include your cost saving objective or target pricing and we will go to work for you. Ultimately we will quote you a price, to your door, anywhere in the world. Use the button below or send us an email.

50/50 Savings Program.

We have utilized this program with many customers over the years. Its simple. Facing a large dollar bearing purchase? Share your documented cost and we will split the difference between what you currently pay and what our documented cost is...50/50.